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For his work, he has been honored as a winner of the Alfred Noble Robinson Award for out- standing service to Lehigh by a member of the staff under thirty-five. IT^BFERS TO Hli 'OCAU mimorit: POUCY"- OM£ HALF OF | THIS 'V" ' TAkl E IT VOVJH ID GRA-CE -Ha^JL- \TS THE SOBSTAMCe OF THE NEXT EP- Pol. HA V.t^-_^^ I ^^^ ^^^ HUNV^ 4 2 P 3:§^^.^^• ^§ •»""^ ,..l A.v..,. Hang-up House failed, not because it was not a good idea, but because the Lehigh community didn't give a damn. ,; , ' ECONOMY The government can employ inflationary monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate the economy and consequently lower the level of unemployment; or the government can employ deflationary monetary and fiscal policies to depress the economy and consequently curb unhealthy inflation; or the nation could, and did, elect Richard Nixon whose economic policies tragically increase the level of unemployment while at the same time fail to overcome the infla- tionary trends.

His spirit, his optimism, and his love for Lehigh make him a man truly worthy of our emulation. Com Mitt&e Report HI/ l'^\ YOO^ PT^^Eh^^^^ THAMV1S-" AMC' \'M 60NJNA HELP i^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ VJH»T6V^A. In adding impressive con- temporary structures below Packer Avenue, the University has contributed to South Bethlehem renewal, but the cost has been the exacerbation of a low- income housing shortage and the dis- location of many old-line families. Nixon°may have had trouble "turning the profit picture around" for the economy, but he did meet relative success in economy-related areas — in directing his lackey economist to keep undisclosed the CPI so as not to discourage business optimism, in relieving an environ- mental expert from his duties before he indicts General Motors for pollution offenses, in declining to impose wage controls on his hard- hat friends of the inflationary construction industry, in sending vice- lackey Agnew, business luncheon expert, to placate businessmen.

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The district court granted summary judgment on the fraud/misrepresentation claims for failure to plead with particularity and to establish a prima facie case, and on the strict liability claim because Georgia's statute of repose had run. Reviewprocess: Every submitted paper that complies with our general requirements undergoes the procedure of double-blind peer review.All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subjects of peer-reviewed materials.We have seen the construction of three new academic buildings, a new power house, four new fraternity houses, and now the construc- tion of a new residence hall complex. in Business in 1944, he joined the admission's office. LIK)G"# Ah D 0»4UY THOSE VWHO D»DNT MAltg THE FRATS U»ve O IW APARTKAe N»TS "• A-Kip THE LX MY 60P.' '♦'-^^Mth E NAAl NTEMAMCe PE-OPUE 1 HAVE n't vet hap TINAS TO / yt//^///" PO/Af T OCf T THAT YOU, AS A C£AD£R, /^AV£ V/OLATSD TH£ FOUOW/m PR///C/Pl£S OP WAP- UNJT /NTS6P/7K l/A/Zr Vj OP COMMAA/D, SPC(/P/rr, P£PSOA/Al. The dynamic leadership necessary to make all this possible has come from a man who has always had a strong attachment for Lehigh. Over the years, he has also served as assistant to both Lehigh's treasurer and president before assuming his present position in 1962. The Cla3s of'^1 wastwe j-astof 95vo "stcaisht " frosh'"boo*im' IT OP Ohi SAr TURDAY MIG»HTd— OR T6U-. NYG/PNP, ^ AXs S Oost bseki ivrr Roouce D DONAESTl C^LCV . WHY DOES Nl XOM ALVW^YS FLASH /V "V" (\FTER HE'S SPOk:e Ni ? I T ,^'^^ .'^ .4.::tr::ir_~: A web of wires overhanging a crumbling metropolis; faces etched with work, worry, smog, and maybe a glint of hope; this is Lehigh's doorstep, and we refuse to acknowledge its presence. MARCH 25, I9tv Most Favor Coeds in Poll I students CAAUP) 78,8 per c«d( of the fac to 328 tn rivor*d co*dorb Uoo, Twenty per poll, 20 ailmli Mstra Uoo Working ov ar the past several weeks, e '70 Coun 11 polled residence halls' «mbers as t hey came throueh the dinner le a( the i C cafeteria and conducted Taternmr l Isln Mofthe Uraversltys Of the M A residence hall men onucted, 90 (76 per cent) voted Inlavor coeducatio n, 213 (18 per cent) voted 71 (6 per cent) wre unde- ded. 1 (62 per c n Oln Iw ^l H ■'VMhi OBENUTION MEETINGS tt THCR .

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