Are calleigh and eric dating

However, this attitude does not in any way interfere with her quest to put criminals where they belong.

She is pretty much universally liked by her co-workers, who sometimes remark on her being nearly "way too happy".

There have been hints that a story line like this was coming.

Hahn would make "an awesome lesbian." Initially, there was speculation that her character might be paired with Cristina, which still remains a possibility despite Callie’s recent behavior.

Author's Note: This fic was originally posted on ffnet and will now be cross-posted here.The two doctors have been shown growing closer over the last few episodes. Cristina (Sandra Oh) recently came home to the apartment she shares with Callie to find Callie and Erica sharing a bottle of wine in her living room. Ryan has mysteriously disappeared and it's up to Eric and the rest of the CSI: Miami team to find out what happened to him. I did get some positive feedback on ffnet though, so I've decided to continue it. Disclaimer: CSI: Miami and its characters are not mine.AUish in that it doesn't really closely follow the CSI: Miami timeline. If I owned the series and the network on which they aired, then I would have never allowed the show to get canceled when it did and would given it a more proper conclusion. If that's not your cup of tea, then do not read on.

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