Asp net validating date input

We have used "/" and "-" character as a separator within the date format but you are free to change that separator the way you want.

A NT based web site can be administrated very well, up to date with security hot fixes, well hardened (see the recent ora book by Stefan Norberg for an good resource on this), on a properly secured network, but your site can still be easily cracked if the asp code does not properly handle input.

This is a crazy design feature in my opinion which I remember talking to telerik about a while ago ( but gave up on.

Anyway, the error message for my required field validator is 'date required' Naturally this doesn't tell the user the date they have entered is 30 days more than the first date.

This type of validation allows you to check for predictable sequences of characters, such as those in social security numbers, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and postal codes Hi macca, From another point of view, you might want to use a date picker to help provide another form of user input. The selected date then gets formatted correctly and placed into the Text Box.

There are several date pickers available; many listed in the Control Gallery section of this website.

If anyone has any suggestions, feels I have omitted anything important, or spots any errors, then I would love to hear from you at the address below.

You can also use the Compare Validator control to indicate whether the value entered into an input control can be converted to the data type specified by the The Regular Expression Validator control checks whether the value of an input control matches a pattern defined by a regular expression.

As a former asp developer and now a "security guy" who does a lot of code reviews, I see many common coding errors over and over which can diminish the security of a site very easily.

Unfortunately, these problems are not widely discussed and it is very common for developers to be unaware of them, so I will attempt to cover them here.

Active Server Pages provide a very quick, flexible method of creating a dynamic data backed web site. Write "The telephone number of " & RS("Name") & " is " & RS("Number") & "" rs. Replace(Name, "''") Str SQL = "Select Name, Number From Address Book where Name like '%" & Name & "%'" For certain types of queries, you may also wish to consider what effect inserting a character such as % into your query will have. Pattern = "[^a-z A-Z0-9\.\-]" ' Usernames on this system can only have letters, numbers, dots and hyphens re. Replace(Username, "") Str SQL = "Select Name, Number From Address Book where Username = '" & Username & "'" When accepting strings for input, it can also be an issue if a user is allowed to enter html tags into a piece of text that will later be displayed as output on a html page (this can include data which will be sent back to the page it originated from to be used as the Set re = Server. Fortunately, Most if not all types have a Is XXX() check, or can at least be cast using a CXXX() call (where the 'XXX' represents a type, e.g. Any remaining faults or shortcomings are my own fault, of course.

Hello My page has 2 date pickers on it and I want to ensure that the second date is no more than 30 days after the first date. I have already looked at the validation demos on the website and they did not show me how to do it.

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