Bayonetta sexually intimidating

I don’t even thing Jones was purposefully talking out of his ass or is particularly egregious in his errors — I generally don’t read Gamasustra for a reason — but unfortunately someone linked the article and I know just enough about Starcraft to know he was a good ways off the mark and in ways that should have been obvious.

For instance, with her standard set of pistols, she’ll unload bullets on whoever she was attacking; with triple bladed mechanical scythe, she’ll launch the blades off as projectiles.

Bayonetta's only form of interaction with other females comes mainly in three forms (that are relevant anyway): her younger self, Joys, and of course---Jeanne.

Now I've already seen what Kamiya thought he was doing with the Joy introduction (something about girls and competition) and I think it's safe to say that the man may have missed a few tenants on making social commentary on female interaction.

It shirks its own potential left and right, and what we're left with as an audience is a game full of nothing but gigantic and crass cockteases.

The following is but a few of the most obvious ones.

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