Become sex chat operator

Whoever you decide to engage in some sex chat with, you can guarantee that they will share their secrets with you and you will be able to share yours. We have 100s of girls, and we will have a girl that’s perfect for you.

Just choose the kind of woman that turns you on, pick the girl that catches your fancy and dial the number.

A company like USA Chatlines is often a starter company where many girls will get their feet wet with the industry.

They will send you back to back calls and you won't really get a break in between them and a lot of their callers are very short callers.

We are looking for open-minded, motivated, and dependable telephone operators to engage in adult conversations with our clients!

Ladies with alluring voices, fascinating personalities, and vivid imaginations are in demand.

With time, commitment, and motivation you could be in control of your future and your own lucrative home-based business.

Phone Sex Op Enterprises mission is to improve the livelihoods of men and women by giving them the tools necessary to become their own boss through the exciting and lucrative Phone Sex Operator industry.

You certainly won't make the most money with a company like this even if your hold times are great since the most they pay is 40 cents a minute ( an hour). There are many smaller dispatch companies that will pay better but its always a toss us based on call volume and quality of callers.

There are many different types of phone sex companies out there.

There are companies like USA Chatlines that will pay as little as 7 cents a minute (and up to 40 cents a minute) based on things like hold times (how long you can keep a caller on the phone on average) and the number of calls you take.

It may be because they have had their own struggles with suicide in the past or it may simply be that they want to help others.

However, just because you want to volunteer for a suicide hotline doesn't mean that a volunteer operator position is the best fit for you.

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