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Bruno is hardly the spitting image of the three-time world champion, but there are distinct similarities - to the extent that talking to him is a mildly disconcerting experience for anyone who followed Ayrton's career.Bruno has the same liquid brown eyes, the same soft mouth, and he has inherited many of the same mannerisms.In Keke’s case, it might be a little more excused, as the 1982 season saw 11 different winners with no-one winning more than twice.Keke was known for two things: his brilliant facial hair and a daring style of racing.After a short winter test programme, Bruno won the feature race at only his second event, the ‘least experienced’ driver ever to have achieved this.His final tally was one win and 3 podium finishes during this learning season and was 8th in the Championship standings.The "next Senna" is a label that has been applied to a number of aspiring Formula One stars since the Brazilian legend was killed, but there is one young driver the title really does fit.

Unfortunately, he has no plans to grow a moustache like his father.

Tamburello on the other hand was awash with Senna tributes; letters, flags, photos, drawings bearing largely Italian script: Ayrton Senna sempre con me (always with me) or sempre nei nostri cuori (always in our hearts).

There was a mention for Ratzenberger in the afternoon service from Gerhard Berger and Kimi Raikkonen, but more out of politeness and racing proximity.

As part of the 20th anniversary pageant to commemorate Senna’s passing the Circuit di Enzo e Dino Ferrari opened its gates to any who wanted to share the same asphalt where Senna and Ratzenberger breathed their last.

Apart from any symbolic association that might attach to the ambulance there was nothing at the Villeneuve turn that would hint at the tragic episode during qualifying for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix when Ratzenberger’s life was extinguished against a concrete wall.

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