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Related: 7 Conisderations for Server Consolidations You can perform database consolidation at both the physical and logical levels.

At the physical level, you accomplish consolidation by simply relocating a database from one server to another until the target server has reached some predetermined utilization level—say, 75 percent of CPU utilization (which leaves some room for database growth).

Last week, we learned how to use SQL and query data inside Excel. Once we have found the last row we then select the next empty cell below that and paste our data then.

This week, lets talk about how we can use VBA to consolidate multiple data sheets from different workbooks into one single worksheet. Additional things that may be used to enhance this code 1.

Under such workloads, determining the liveness of chunks becomes a slow phase of logical GC.

We find that physical GC decreases the execution time of this phase by up to two orders of magnitude in the case of extreme workloads and improves it by approximately 10–60% in the common case, but only after additional optimizations to compensate for its higher initialization overheads.

The need for the second approach arises from a shift in the underlying workloads, in which exceptionally high duplication ratios or the existence of millions of individual small files result in unacceptably slow GC using the file-level approach.

Database consolidation at the logical level integrates multiple databases, which all support one common function, into a single database.

This process can challenge the planning and design skills of even the best data modelers and DBAs, but when executed correctly it will ensure a significant ROI in the areas of schema management, data integrity, and enhanced performance.

This is the first type of consolidation that most DBAs undertake; the risk of disruption is minimal because you're moving the database in its entirety, without changing anything at the logical level.

The gains in server utilization and the cost savings that result from the reduction in hardware can be substantial.

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