Cyberlink power dvd not updating dating regular people

If you've purchased a PC with an optical drive in the past 10 years, chances are good that the Power DVD utility software came preinstalled on the computer.

And though discs are increasingly being superseded by streaming media options, the software can still be useful for some media-playing needs.

There have been many, many threads about this, yet no solution has been offered.

I also am having this issue and waiting for customer support to respond.i'm going to install windows vista on a different partition and try again, but i dont think its going to make a difference... When playing blu rays, I receive the following message: "You must update Cyberlink Power DVD now to continue playback of this content." Clicking Yes causes an update message to appear, then the program cycles through those messages again, but he discs will not play.Hello, I am having trouble playing DVD's on my HP Pavillion g7-2300 notebook.I've had this laptop for a long time and I was able to play DVDs up until a few days ago, but today when I inserted a disc I got this message: When I click on "learn more" it brings me to a webpage where there are newer versions of cyberlink media software available for purchse.

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