Dating for tranvestites

In an interview with Bambi magazine, Reed described his first and further impressions of Rachel: It was in a late night club in Greenwich Village.I’d been up for days as usual and everything was at that super-real, glowing stage.It was nine years ago, and he was wearing spiky heels, PVC trousers and eye-shadow. And, well, he is a high-profile donor to the Labour party. He has been on Newsnight and Question Time flying the flag.

According to friends quoted in Legs Mc Neil’s book , Rachel hated her cock, thought it was too small, and wanted it gone.

Gandhi was ambitious.'I ask because there is a report today about how the going rate for a knighthood is £750,000. The more U-turns Labour makes, the more loyal he seems to become.

He was sent to an English boarding school where he cried up to the age of 11.

He seems more composed, less exuberant - though no less amiable. ' Blair: 'No, this is the European Council.' Izzard: 'And there is a Council of Europe and the European Council and they are different? I mean, why couldn't they call one Steve or something? ' It's a funny line, but it makes you wonder how a national figurehead, one who is admired and respected abroad, could have allowed himself to take part in such a frivolous and undignified exercise. And why is he the last Labour luvvie left standing? Tony told me that someone had sent him a letter two months after he got in, saying that they were disillusioned. That is why I still put money in, to try to help them out.'It's a dignified answer. He has also made it on Broadway, as well as Hollywood.

As he talks, he stares directly at me with pale-blue eyes that have seen the world and wearied a little of it. Why has he not become as disillusioned as the rest? So he wasn't illusioned in 1997 when he went to that famous Downing Street party? Everyone gets disillusioned with Labour governments. It's traditional.'But what does he make of all those glaring omissions from the list of New Labour supporters? And trying to get all Paxman-like on Izzard is like trying to round up bush babies with a cattle prod. In his latest film, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, he stars opposite Uma Thurman.

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