Dating market value test men

If you're a blonde, attractive, curvaceous female, that's exactly how you should describe yourself in your ad.

The same applies if you're a handsome, athletic, millionaire male.

Famous high status men are just men where more people know that they are on top of the pecking order, so it just increases the total quantity of available women but probably would not fundamentally alter the game.

@birthday cat I think there should be a mathematical formula.

It was apparently cooked up by a typically disgruntled and sexually frustrated older male licking his mating wounds.Anyhoo, with this new theory prompted me to conduct an informal and unscientific study.It won't seem any different than any previous sociological study I've done, but it does have its origins in my new theory - specifically why can't those girls find a man.What this confirms is something we've already known - that as men age they leave the market. First, it validates work done by The Rational Male, namely his attempts to chart "Sexual Market Value." No doubt he has gotten guff and accusations of misogyny for daring to chart such a thing, but it is reality and reality cannot be bigoted or sexist.The above chart just provides more empirical data to prove it.

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