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Stacey found the drinking culture of Brits abroad can also cause havoc for the locals.One hotel said they will make stag parties leave a deposit because the rooms are often wrecked - usually by groups of British men.It's not a joke.'Their inebriated state also makes them easy targets for thieves.Convicted pickpockets admitted to Stacey that they could make thousands of pounds a night by taking wallets from the back pockets of oblivious tourists. Please make sure you understand all rules and conditions of entry.By clicking on 'ENTER' you manifest your unconditional consent with all the conditions.Read More » Sex sells, and that is definitely the truth when it comes to the city of Prague. Read More » The boom in sex tourism visitors along with the popularity of stag and hen parties has created a large adult industry catering both for tourists and recently also more and more for locals.The city is famous for its sex clubs and they have something for just about any taste. Under communism, nudity was banned, but in the last two decades a large number of nightclubs, cabarets, …

Although to describe the Czech capital as the ‘Bangkok of Europe’ might be a bit of a stretch, it is stupendously easy to have sex in Prague, even if you look like Johnny Vegas’ chubbier elder brother.

'They know they (the stags) bring money and tourism is important.

But on the other hand they hate seeing people peeing and puking and being undressed on the street.

Con artists fooled tourists to part with their cash by selling them 'drugs' which could actually be pine cones.

The police said they are often powerless to act because men are too embarrassed to report such crimes, or are too drunk to realise they have been the victim of a theft or con before it's too late - so there's no proof.

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