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Les Mairs, who lives there with his wife, said he thought a bomb had gone off when the tree crashed through his roof.He said: “It was about 4am and we were in bed when it happened, I’ve never heard anything like it, it sounded like a bomb had gone off.A fashionable London mews or a rural barn conversion? A survey by the Alliance & Leicester bank shows 29 per cent of people describe the bungalow as their ideal home, dwarfing support for flats and houses of any kind.Research by the Halifax shows the bungalow as the "happiest" home in Britain, too; it was rated by its occupants at an average of 8.15 out of 10 for features to make homeowners contented such as security, comfort, design and ease of use.

Government guidelines say at least 30 homes must be built on every hectare of developed land, therefore favouring dense houses or blocks of flats over single-storey bungalows sitting on the same footprint.

Samantha tells Richard she loves him while high on ecstasy. I thought that she was willing to solve her relationship problems? But now they separate permanently just because their apartment was photographed in a magazine?

This episode could provide character confusion to the viewers in the sense that we get to see the New Yorkers - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha - not on the same page as we see them from the previous episodes. But now that she has found herself living with the man she currently wants,she goes out with a gay guy and fights for his attention. I thought that it was the issue of having a baby that was keeping them apart.

Free shuttles to airport, beaches, and attractions. Co-ed dorms with bathrooms and TV -; private doubles . A., 2000 "The Bungalow's efficient staff and robust backpacker clientele make for a summer camp atmosphere that is relentlessly wacky and frisky, especially in the restaurant party area. Free nightly movies, arcade, and frequent dances in the restaurant area. A., 1999 "Opened in 1992, this hostel offers a bounty of attractions, an efficient, no-nonsense staff, and a rambunctious backpacker clientele....

The girls spend a hot night at the gay club Trade, dancing in a sea of bare-chest good-looking men. Charlotte is presented in the club to Anthony's boyfriend Gordon, who works for 'House and Garden' magazine, and arranges for it to take pictures at her place, the house of a 'perfect couple' - but Trey's lack of interest for yet another thing that excites her pushes their relationship to effective separation.

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