Graduate school dating site

It is more than likely that you have to work with them.And because you can’t afford to live anywhere else, you probably go home to a neighborhood (or even an apartment building) that is full of them. In fact, in ways that seem more distressing over time, your life is very much like theirs.Naturally, we were curious to see if having a graduate degree, or other further degree, has any correlation to a member’s attractiveness and preferences.We looked at over 20 million matches and here’s what we found. Sorry dudes, looks like your Ph D isn’t helping you out much in the dating world.Here at CMB, we know that our users are intelligent — you’re smart enough to have chosen us after all!

Their unavoidable presence and carefree ways are a constant reminder of your delayed adulthood (see Reason 12), even as their feeling of relief and accomplishment at the end of each term is a jarring reminder that your own work does not end with finals week (see Reason 47).While still students themselves, they age in the presence of fellow students who remain 18-22 years old, year after year after year.As a graduate student, you encounter undergraduates every day on campus.So keep on trucking, keep on learning, and hang that degree with pride!As always, men and women are as different as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, and our study proves no exception.

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