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I was looking for a query which picks data from a table having Blob column and update a table having LONG RAW column.It seems Oracle supports only up to 4000 characters.The Export Data function can export data from a table as a series of insert statements. Selecting LOB data is straightforward and essentially identical to selecting any other column of another datatype, with the important exception that you should set at least the loop will simply end and any code following it will be executed.

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This window prompts you for parameters needed for a query.In the Insert/Update Row window, when you click on a LOB column this will show a button Load from File.Click on this to specify the file to be loaded into the column.This chapter describes how the "LONG API" referred to here as "LONG-to-LOB API", is used for LOBs.The following are guidelines for using LONG-to-LOB API.

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