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As adults, this translates to us being wary of people who don’t keep their word or follow through on plans. Any dishonesty in a system means results cannot be predicted or trusted.A relationship is a system and we need to be able to project a strong chance of long-term happiness.(Plus, many of us have been burned in the past.They usually make very good listeners, and can encourage other types to pursue their dreams and visions.

INTJs have a natural self-confidence and depth that many people find attractive and intriguing.

Thanks to books like Please Understand Me, Just Your Type, and endless other resources I’ve been able to access some really awesome information on types and compatibility.

I’ll put some resources and references at the end of this post for anyone interested. INTJs are true perfectionists, and so they take their relationships very seriously.

Finding the right person is important to them, because once they make the decision to commit to a relationship they are usually very loyal and devoted partners.

They believe in constantly improving their relationship and always strive to bring their very best to the table.

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