Invalidating postdata

The property can specify multiple comma-delimited repositories, and each repository can specify multiple semi-colon-delimited item descriptors.

It is possible to invalidate individual fields from the controller without the use of the Validator class.

In this situation, it’s up to you to update the local resource state.

There are three ways to do this: One way to handle this is to trigger a load on the heels of a successful POST/PUT/PATCH: This technique avoids an extra network request, but it is dangerous: it puts the onus of keeping local state and server state entirely on you. When a POST/PUT/PATCH response returns the entire state of the resource in exactly the same format as GET does, you can tell Siesta to treat it as a load request.

Because when it comes to knowing the state of the data and when to invalidate, the server knows best, I believe the caching is the responsability of the server and should be taken care of by the server.

But sometimes you do not have control over the caching headers, for example when using a third party API.

To do so, set the property If no item descriptors are supplied, all item caches in the repository are invalidated.

The backend just specifies where our actual app is (I was hosting one on port 4567).

For testing I only wanted to cache for five seconds, which is defined in the .

(Data expiration time is configurable.) To force a (possibly redundant) network request, use This is usually what you want for a POST/PUT/PATCH; it is also sometimes appropriate for a user-initiated GET, e.g.

You might be making a POST request, for example, and the server may return only the relevant slice of resource state, even a simple “OK” in the form of a 204 with an empty response body.

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