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Not to mention the skills we’re developing will surely be useful in later life. Most countries of the world have alternative names.If you do not agree to this Agreement, please do not register with this Site or otherwise access or use this Site.We reserve the right at any time to alter or amend the terms of this Agreement, modify the Site contents or features, or change any fees or charges for using the Site and the Services.

Your use of the Site after such changes will be deemed your acceptance of the changes.Argentine Republic (official, English), la Argentina (colloquial, Spanish), the Argentine (archaic, English), Argentine Nation (official and legally preferred, English), United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (official, English), Argentine Confederation (official, English)Terra de Santa Cruz (early Portuguese colonization), Ilha de Vera Cruz (former, Portuguese), Empire of Brazil (former, English), United States of Brazil (former, English), Federative Republic of Brazil (official, English), República Federativa do Brasil (official, Portuguese), Terra di Papaga (former, Italian)Upper Volta (former name, English), Haute-Volta (former name, French), Bourkina-Fasso (unofficial French form in the first few days after the 1984 change from Upper Volta until the government clarified the official spelling)Kingdom of Cambodia (official, English), Royaume du Cambodge (official, French), Kampuchea (former officially-sanctioned common name in the English language and transliteration from Khmer language), Khmer Republic (former official), Democratic Kampuchea (former official), People's Republic of Kampuchea (former official), State of Cambodia (former official)People's Republic of China (official) 中华人民共和国, PRC (initialism), China 中国 (common, ambiguous), Communist China (colloquial, mainly used by Western countries), Red China (colloquial, mainly derogatory), 中共 (colloquial and mainly derogatory, mainly used by the ROC with a cognate used in Vietnam), Mainland China/中国大陆/中国內地 (colloquial, refers to the area that the PRC Government administers since the end of the Chinese Civil War), New China/新中国 (colloquial, pro-Communist), Shenzhou/神州, Ch'in Empire, Cathay (obsolete, now mainly used poetically), Zhongguo is the name for China in Chinese language.Zaire (former official name, 1971 to 1997; still occasionally used to distinguish it from Republic of the Congo), DRC (initialism), Congo Kinshasa (used in contrast to "Congo Brazzaville"), Belgian Congo (former name during Belgian colonization, 1908 to 1960, English), Congo belge (former name, French), Congo Free State (former name, 1885 to 1908), Republic of the Congo (former name, 1960 to 1964, during which time both Congos had identical official names)French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, French Somaliland, Obock Territory (former names, English), Territoire français des Afars et des Issas, Côte française des Somalis, Territoire d'Obock (former names, French), Republic of Djibouti (official, English), République de Djibouti (official, French)Eesti (common, Estonian), Viru (poetic, Estonian), Viro (common, Finnish), Estland (common, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch), Maarjamaa (Terra Mariana poetic, Estonian), Igaunija (common, Latvian)French Republic (official, English), République Française (official, French), L'Hexagone (often journalistic, colloquial French), Gaul (former name, English), Gaule (former name, French), Γαλλία (Gallia) (Contemporary Greek name), La France (unofficial, French), Farança (common Arabic)Iberia (former, English, East Georgia), Colchis (former, English, West Georgia), Iveria (usually used as Christian name), Republic of Georgia (former, before the 1995 Constitution), گرجستان (Gorjestan) (Persian), Sakartvelo (in their own language)Federal Republic of Germany (official, English), Bundesrepublik Deutschland (official, German), Deutschland (common, German), BRD (German initialism), FRG (English initialism) - all formerly meant only West Germany but now apply to reunified Germany Duitsland (common, Dutch) Former East Germany (unofficial, English): Deutsche Demokratische Republik (official, German), German Democratic Republic (official, English), DDR (German initialism), GDR (English initialism).You may bookmark this page and check it frequently for any notice of amendments / changes to the earlier version of a leading marriage agency assisting in bringing together single Uralsk women with single men from all the corners of the world for friendship, romance, love and future marriage.

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