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I also switched between the girl making the moves and the boy, so it was coming from both sides. When they are partners they can woohoo - and note to give them privacy cause they don't seem shy about having others around, they woohoo wherever they happen to be and only standing up. Maybe you can have two friends become romantic and date each other even if they are dating another sim.It will seem like they are cheating on someone else but it may work.I saw that you have a page~ Would you mind send the link to me too?I hope that’s not a problem…Ps: sorry for my bad english…Sol Rodriguez was added as a series regular, playing Carmen's cousin Daniela, and Nathan Owens was to return as series regular.Rosie finds herself involved in the aftermath of a murder; Marisol makes a shocking discovery about Genevieve; Carmen worries about controlling Daniela after she begins acting wild; and Zoila notices her mother growing too close to her neighbor.Alright as some if you can probably tell I made the mediafire account and added the link to the page and I also answered everyone old and new in my inbox informing about it so if anyone out there who, either didn’t send me an ask or never got my reply because we all know how much tumblr love to eat our asks, please feel free to contact me and I will send it to you and if you are worried I didn’t receive me feel free to reply to this post to ask whether or not I got it and if I didn’t I’ll contact you from one of my blogs where messaging is enabled.Hello love, I remember you and sent you a few things via skype but as you recall I could only send it one by one so I will gt on soon to send you the link or you can send me an ask off anon and I can sent it from you here. Sorry to bother you, but i’m desperate ^^“ I lost all my ggp’s CGs and i’m looking for them.

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Pico will get rewards for any smart action that he chooses during the play Learn different types of attacks by hanging out with different people. For the next month, I’m going to play the game and give you a list of cheats here.English is not my first language ^^”I actually never got the video link :/ and as for the CG I finally got my new pc more of less configurated, still missing a few programs but the dude told me it’ll take a while so I can use it till he gets it so hopefully tonight I can make a mediafire account and upload my CG file and add the link in my CG page and share the page to everyone in my inbox.I know I’ve been a horrible mun, so terribly sorry :/ It’s a mixed of being busy, sick and sleep deprived that really had me going all over and away from this blog and completing my page.Meanwhile, Rosie's positive and sunny disposition leaves much to be desired by her new boss, Genevieve (Susan Lucci) who is acclimating to a household without Zoila's honest and acerbic humor.Carmen continues to pursue her singing career until her cousin Daniela (Sol Rodriguez) comes to town and shakes things up.

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