Mandating reporting suicide in michigan

The new Mandated Reporter Training for Child Care Workers will satisfy the requirements of AB 1207.

This is a stand alone training that does not require the General Training to be taken first.

You notice an awkward bruise on the upper arm of a child you’re working with.

For the purposes of this article and series, we’ll be focusing on the role of social workers as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect.

Oregon state law, however, mandates that workers in certain professions must make reports if they have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect.

These people are called mandatory reporters and they are a crucial link in the system to protect Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens.

Also see: Mandatory Reporting for DHS Employees​ All citizens have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Members of the general public may report suspected abuse and neglect if they choose.

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