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The emergence and duration of native wildflower displays can vary annually, depending on temperatures and rainfall.A hot, dry spring often means a shorter bloom time, with plants preferring to use reserves for root and leaf growth. In addition to climatic patterns, wildflower displays are affected by past human uses of forests.Toxins from the algae are suspected to have contributed to the deaths of at least nine Fin whales near Kodiak Island, Alaska, in June, although a definitive cause has not yet been determined, NOAA says.

It was at the height of her mother Deborah’s treatment for breast cancer that pretty, witty, irreverent Camilla, 27, wisecracked, ‘Kerslake women have good boobs when they’re not trying to kill us.Musconetcong Gorge Reservation has a special mix of natural and human history that makes it a rewarding botanical site in the late spring months of May and June.Musconetcong Gorge Reservation in northwestern Hunterdon County is an exemplary mesic (temperate hardwood) forest featuring notable plant diversity at all levels.The trails at the 523-acre preserve are for hikers only, making for a peaceful ramble.The finest wildflower spectacles are found along the narrow, rugged, and rocky trails emanating from the entrance on Dennis Road in Bloomsbury.

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