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forcing them to feign injury, undergo surgery or "retire quietly").

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This stabbing behavior, known as traumatic secretion transfer, is fairly common amongst hermaphroditic sea slugs, and does not actually traumatize the slug — the term trauma refers to the Greek translation as "wound." The behavior is well documented, but still not very well understood."The truth is that every bit of me is devoted to love and art," she said. to liberate them of their fears." Asked about lyrics that seem to imply bisexuality, Gaga confirmed that she's had sexual relationships with women, though she's only been in love with men. Turning her attention to the ongoing Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors, the singer put them to rest (sort of) once and for all. This was the exchange: Barbara Walters: You've heard the rumors going around ... Other larvae will land on her back and become males.Each male in turn will stretch their muscular penises down to the female for a little internal copulation.

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