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Hoda served over a year as a slave to ISIS fighters, after which she with her three children, was put up for sale on an ISIS internet page with reference to her as “slave number twelve”.Below is the picture of them featured on that web page.A cable ran from the camera to a padded backpack that contained a Panasonic VHS portable video recorder and a DC-lead-acid battery for power, which made the rig heavy, unwieldy, and hot.This pioneering technology brought an engaging perspective to live sports television and action sports videos and eventually gave way to button and lipstick cameras.This innovative system showed viewers the rider's Point of View of the race as it unfolded."Schulze stripped-down a red motorcycle helmet and jury-rigged a mounting for the first consumer color video chip camera.For rest assured that I have personally inspected every girl on CJcams to ensure that they are all of the highest quality, and are extremely obedient.In fact even my own lovely sister Rabia performs on the site (as you can see in the video below), making CJcams a family business. Check out CJcams now as it is free to join, and unlike those other webcam sites we don’t pull any Jew tricks like making viewers buy tokens.

Posted on: March 20, 2007Thank you for the oportunity to express my feelings. Check out their other VIDEOS HERE [...]Posted on: March 20, 2007These videos are so moving. Posted on: March 20, 2007Shimbo- The sectarian violence is responsible for the terror, not the US.We here at Celeb Jihad are proud to announce that we have just launched the first ever Islamic extremist approved webcam site, CJcams.To celebrate this historic occasion we are ready to offer 1 million dinars (approx ,531 US dollars) to procure the top celebrity webcam slut to put on an exclusive strip show for the site.Enslaving Sunni women directly contradicts their own on who can be enslaved, but ISIS is not known for being internally consistent in any case.One of our Syrian informants, a former guard and now defector, recently went into great detail about his work guarding hundreds of Yazidi and Sunni women doomed for systematic rape.

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