Sex party in ireland

Six naked men line up to take a carefully measured dose of the drug known as G.

All 8 DUP MPs voted against a 10 minute rule bill which sought to decriminalise abortion in all circumstances in England and Wales.

The debate over abortion in Northern Ireland is a fraught and deeply complex one.

There are strongly held views in favour of and against the law as it currently stands in Northern Ireland which only allows for abortion where the life of the mother is deemed to be at risk.

Chemsex typically involves use of illegal psychoactive substances, with multiple partners having sex.

In an editorial, the authors warned: “Many barriers exist to chemsex drug users accessing services, including the shame and stigma often associated with drug use and ignorance of available drug services.” Although London is the epicentre of the “chemsex” scene, it is on the rise in Dublin, and for similar reasons.

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