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Fresh O'Caml is currently only distributed as source code.The latest distribution is version 3.08.2 4 as of 14 January 2005; filesize is 2.5Mb. Fresh O'Caml now has the ability to compile to native code.Special recognition is also given at the NDF annual House Party Fundraiser.HOMEOWNER SPONSORSHIP: The extent of sponsorship is at the discretion of participating sponsors.BENEFITS OF HOMEOWNER SPONSORSHIP: Sponsors are kept abreast of progress made by prospective homeowners through periodic reports from NDF.The Foundation also recognizes sponsors through the Donor Listing in the NDF Quarterly Newsletter, which is mailed to over 5,000 residents and businesses across the New Orleans area.These homes (and dogs) are carefully screened by our volunteers. Our organization advertises throurgh a regional newsletter, breeder directories, and the National Samoyed Rescue and Samoyed Rescue Alliance internet sites. It will probably be full grown, so "what you see is what you get." It may even have had some training and be the perfect companion already. If you are looking for a puppy, you should contact a breeder about purchasing one, as you are unlikely to get one through rescue.The average age of the dogs we place is 3 to 6 years of age. We have a limited number of foster homes available, so we encourage individuals who are seeking to place their dog to keep their pet at their original home for as long as possible after contacting us, while we find a suitable home. We ask that all dogs be completely vaccinated, heartworm checked, and spayed/neutered before being placed in a new home.

While the source code is appropriately commented, documentation is also available.To start online communication, press the Start button.Find a new friend and keep communication with desired companion is very simple. We hope you find that the language simplifies metaprogramming tasks which involve the manipulation of object language binders.The current release of Fresh O'Caml, the newest member of the O'Caml family is based on the main O'Caml release 3.08.2.

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