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Adult Friend Finder is a leading hookup site that ranks among the top 100 popular websites in the United States.It was founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru for individuals looking for in-person or cyber sex experiences.Although most passwords were hashed with SHA-1, this can be easily cracked.According to Leaked Source, 103,070,536 Adult Friend Finder passwords were stored in plain text, while 232,137,460 were hashed with SHA-1, but the site estimated that 99.3% of all passwords from this website had been cracked.Adult Friend is probably one of the best places or websites for folks looking for love, relationship, and sex online.The site was established in 1996 and is one of the largest and oldest dating sites on the Internet.Turn your wildest dreams today into reality by joining Adult Friend

After that enter your birth date, location, email address and select a username.

Adult Friend Finder is the best recommended place to be if you are looking for nude webcams, sex chat, group sex, swinger action or adult personals.

The site’s enormous number of users and the huge number of people that visit it per daily has increased its popularity greatly.

Anyone who has an account with any of these sites is advised to change their password immediately on the affected site, as well as any other sites on which they have used the same password.

According to Leaked Source, Friend Finder Networks was compromised through the exploitation of a local file inclusion vulnerability that allows an attacker to control which files are executed.

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