Sound recorder there error updating registry

Check your Driver Normally you would open Control Panel Hit Enter. Setting correct audio device as default Type ‘Sound’ in search and select ‘Settings’. Under the Playback tab section you will find multiple audio devices; appearing as speaker, followed by the name of the device. See whether the driver is installed and the device working properly. To check this, select the ‘Search’ option from the charms-bar, type – Device Manager’ and click ‘Settings’.So I guess that this some sort of bad programming that comes from earlier versions of Windows. Another workaround is to just use another sound recording software. Anyway I thought this was somehow a little funny so I just had to blog about it. I got the steps to reproduce the problem from the user and started testing a little. Start Sound recorder, hit record button – say something nice in the microphone and press stop button. This only happens on computers with windows XP with more than 2 GB of ram.I did just that on a similar computer and this error message exploded in my face: ( Not enough memory available to complete this operation ) My first thought was of course a bad sound driver. So after updating it and testing again I got the same error. Then I turned to my good old friend google and searched for this specific error. (How is that possible…..) But this is actually true even with XP SP3 installed.

You will also observe that the default device shows a green a check beside it, labeled as Default, if you have multiple devices.And ended up here: Okay, this is a known issue that Microsoft knows about, than this problem is probably solved I thought. The only workaround I found was to set the /MAXMEM=2048 using msconfig under advanced settings.The only problem the is that the OS only uses 2 GB of ram.upgrade process completes, my rear Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 speakers don’t work.I found out about the issue when i Tunes and Windows Media player didn’t play sound out of the rear speakers after the upgrade.

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