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With massive amounts of money flowing into professional football, sports agents are making a killing.

They cash in on colossal commissions and the money often ends up in tax havens like the British Virgin Islands.

Raiola had secured an offer from Manchester United in England's Premier League, where the big money can be found, but Mchitarjan's contract seemed to be presenting a problem.

The midfielder was still bound to BVB for another year, and Dortmund Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke had said publicly several times that he wouldn't sell Mchitarjan -- not under any circumstances. Raiola, a small, boisterous Italian with a protruding belly, didn't much care.

She says: ‘Three years ago, I’d been feeling really bloated for some reason and when a friend recommended colonic irrigation at a local beautician’s salon, which, she said, had cured her of the same problem, I decided to try it.

‘The process wasn’t unpleasant to start with,’ recalls Christine.

"Es gibt ein großes Problem beim Schnittstellenmanagement", sagt Ehrlich.

Until 2016, he was a product philosopher at Google, where he studied how technology affects a billion people's attention, well-being and behavior.Das Ziel ist klar: eine geeignete Lehrstelle zu finden.Wer die anwesenden Recruiter in den sieben Minuten von sich überzeugt, wird zu einem weiteren Gespräch eingeladen.More disturbingly, there appear to be dangerous side effects that include damage to neurological function, nausea, infection, dehydration plus kidney and liver failure – not to mention the possibility of puncturing the colon.Today, though, medical experts believe the practice is unnecessary and potentially dangerous, something that Christine Tarnowska, 40, a hair and make-up artist from West London – confirms from her own experience.

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