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There she co-wrote songs and tried to land a recording contract.

Noting her dedication, Swift and her family moved to nearby Hendersonville, Tennessee, in an attempt to further Swift's career.

Regardless of how you feel about "Shake It Off" or her back catalog of songs about pining for boys, she has a really, really good voice.2. She gets your number and then asks you to meet her parents for brunch the next day.

If Taylor Swift is single for too long, the earth will go spinning off its axis and into the sun. She seems like that girl at the bar who is really hot but then comes on way too strong.

I think I read that she sleeps in a giant birdcage? I'm pretty sure that's how anyone gets famous now.7.

Her grandmother had been a professional opera singer, and Swift soon followed in her footsteps.

By the age of 10, Swift was singing at a variety of local events, including fairs and contests.

A stellar performance at The Bluebird Café in Nashville helped Swift get a contract with Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Records.

I would not be surprised if there is a song about brunching with your parents and some guy on one of her albums called "Weirdest Brunch Ever (Can't Stop Drinkin' Mimosas)."5.

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