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This helps protect yourself from the worst part about the Internet: Everybody has a voice. My pal Anthony moved to Tokyo without knowing a single word of Japanese. In The Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu wrote, “He who knows other is smart – but he who knows himself is wise.” What about you? Memorizing the names of Brad and Angelina’s fourteen Cambodian children or knowing what makes your heart sing? A great mark of wisdom well internalized is the ability to see the old version of yourself in the people around you. Rather, with a calm and curious intrigue, reminding yourself of how far you’ve come. Do that every day and your wisdom factor will skyrocket. You have to be quick on your feet and good off the cuff. Commit to doing that, and your wisdom will make your years look like days. Because the last thing you want is to position yourself as the precocious young genius that doesn’t know how to have any fun. Otherwise all the wisdom in the world won’t do you much good.

the “Best Podcast of 2015” and the show has been featured in Rolling Stone, Wired, Splitsider and the Los Angeles Times. Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he can't hang up first, no matter what. And last time I checked, most people still hate change. Imagine: Past generations actually had to wait around until they experienced things to learn them. You can speed up your learning curve dramatically simply by becoming an avid researcher. My cousin Justin interned as the village doctor in Honduras during his second year at medical school. Especially with the advent of numerous online portals, you now have thousands of potential classrooms at your fingertips, both online and offline. Or it might be your monthly teleseminar or webinar series. I recently did a five-hour video shoot with my client, . Now, that’s not the whole enchilada, but you get the point. And finally, unlearning is painful because it activates the change process. The secret is to ask questions, listen closely to people’s answers, document your learnings and ultimately decide for yourself what you believe to be real and true. And the wisdom handed down to you will fall on deaf ears, shut eyes and a blocked heart. The fact that you can find things out that there’s no possible way you could have known at your age is a beautiful thing. Intentionally put yourself in situations that force you to grow up quickly. A teacher is someone who has the willingness and ability to share what he’s learned from what he’s done. It means authority, it commands credibility and it indicates expertise. Fortunately, the meaning of the word “classroom” word has evolved in the past few decades. You’ll discover two things: Writing is the great clarifier; and writing it makes everything you do easier and better – including trusting your voice in person. You’ll give new meaning to the term “wise ass.” Are you prepared to sign your name under your voice and let the whole world know how you feel? : Daily observation, note taking, question asking and research.: "If the marketplace isn't talking about you, there's a reason," Seth says. "If people aren't discussing your products, your services, your cause, your movement or your career, there's a reason.

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