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I know that many of you may want white cabinets but may not be able to get it. If nothing else, you are blessed to have a kitchen in which you can prep meals for your family.I will say, though, that wanting a white kitchen is not bad and so if you are at a place where you can’t have the entire kitchen white but you have a little built in, or some other separate piece of furniture in the kitchen, take courage.They say that the best places are little holes in the wall. When husbs gutted the entire kitchen/breakfast nook 3 years ago to redo it, there was only one thing that was left standing: this built-in cabinet. When we got married a year and a half after he bought the house and gutted it to bring it up to living standards, the kitchen was made twice the size that it was when he bought the house and the charming little built-in cabinet that is in what was once the breakfast nook had been updated from the oak finish to black I liked the black but I always wanted to have a white kitchen.Husbs was not budging on letting me paint the cabinets white.Painting built-in cabinetry and bookcases is a time-consuming job because of the many surfaces. Remove adjustable shelves and paint them first so they'll be dry when you're ready to reinstall them.If possible, paint them in another room to get them out of your way, and support their edges with nails driven into predrilled holes in the ends.

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In light of that, I have decided to start a series to go through my whole house and show you how husbs and I took this little broken and beaten down home and turned it into our little place of rest.Remove drawer hardware and stand the drawers on their backs.Paint the fronts and leading edges, but don't paint any other part of the drawer or the tracks inside the cabinet.We’ve invited several of our favorite decor and DIY bloggers to create projects all starting with a particular material– in this case, plywood.Take a look at how Tania and her husband thought through the process of designing and building the cabinets, and how they completed the project… My husband Scott and I have been remodeling our home for over two years now—time flies when you are having fun!

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