Updating tivo software Balkan chat cetovanje

This software includes a number of changes, including improvements to You Tube performance, gearing up for the launch of new red button services and stability improvements.

One change that has raised some questions from some of our pilot users is a change to the way in which Ti Vo communicates with companion applications.

Update from Media Boy HQ's Virgin Media UK Sources.

The update on Ti Vo to the new look vod started last night to 50,000 customers.

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The contents of this website are protected under US Copyright laws and should not be duplicated/published in whole or part without permission and is not to be sold/published for commercial gain under any circumstances. The performance improvements and other tweaks (like Info and Stop buttons actually doing what they're supposed to do) make the box more pleasurable to use, with the exception of the You Tube app which has improved in looks and has lost functionality.Longer term, there are potential issues (and recording clashes) which may arise due to the default padding which 15.2 introduces, which is now 1 minutes before and 4 minutes after.We built the Ti Vo service with two sets of APIs for integrating with other devices, one for our use and one for use by third party applications.Without being able to go into extensive detail, due to the unique way we have integrated Ti Vo, there are capabilities of the VM API that could, if misused, affect the stability and security of our Ti Vo service.

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