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However even the best web hosting providers do have some quirks.It would be in your own best interest to research well your potential web hosting provider before deciding on where to host your Word Press.The latest version of PHP is 7, and if you are hosting a Word Press site on any hosting, it’s important to have the latest version of PHP installed on your server.Recently, I was working on a Word Press blog which was installed on Bluehost server, and after activating a Word Press plugin, I realized that server is using PHP 5.6 version, and due to the older version of PHP, the plugin is not working.Dream Host has been committed to Word Press and its community for over 10 years.Our hosting platforms are optimized for Word Press and our team actively contributes to the Word Press community.In my case, I upgraded my Now, on the next page select which PHP version you want to use.

Just like flowers need the right environment to grow, Word Press works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment.

Along with this, you can use the same page to activate additional modules like: As soon as you click on Save changes, the PHP Engine selected by you will be activated, and now you will not get any more PHP version error warning.

Over all Bluehost makes it easier for its customers to make changes in PHP engine without getting into Tech-hassles.

To update the plugins you need to get logged into Word Press. For more details please see How to Login to a Word Press Site.

Once you are logged into Word Press you can perform the updates from the plugins section.

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