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The tool bundles a copy of Find Bugs, which is licensed under Lesser GNU Public License. The tool requires the following arguments when run: prompt% java -jar cdc-plugin-validator-1.0.0\ -installation /usr/local/atlassian-confluence-5.5.2 \ -dbuser confuser -dbpassword confuser \ -dburl jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/confluence \ -dbdriver org.postgresql.Driver \ -dbfile /usr/local/atlassian-confluence-5.5.2/confluence/WEB-INF/lib/postgresql-9.2-1002.jdbc4[unzip] Expanding: /Users/oburn/work/cdc-tool-test/findbugs-2.0.3into /Users/oburn/work/cdc-tool-test [delete] Deleting: /Users/oburn/work/cdc-tool-test/findbugs-2.0.3Exporting to ./plugins/ back Exporting to ./plugins/ back Exporting com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions to ./plugins/com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions--confluence-questions-1.0.645fall back Validating: ./plugins/[findbugs] Executing findbugs Find Bugs Task from ant task [findbugs] Running Find Bugs...Once you have adjusted the gear on your character in Rawr or optimised it you can then use the export to addon feature in Rawr to pull the data back in game to see how everything looks.It also maintains an upgrade list in game so you have a reference to what items to look out for. Load From Xml(String xml) [Please fill in steps here] I used the german client of wow and in rawr addon options is all of EU No actually the version on EJ just needs a new release to catch up as there was a bug in the export routine in 0.09 with class names for some classes.The Confluence Data Center Plugin Validator tool will attempt to verify that the plugins installed into an existing Confluence installation do not contain any known issues which will prevent them from running under Confluence Data Center.This initial version of the tool finds where plugins are attempting to store non Serializable data into an Atlassian Cache.It can also play a sound in game and warn you when an item in your upgrade list drops from a mob or is linked in raid/party chat. Addon it can be found at rate this addon on, and add it to your favourites to ensure you get the latest updates. The import code in Rawr also has a bug in the version checking only validating fixed version numbers.Future features: I plan to add features like visual/sound alerts when an item drops that is in your upgrade list. Simply change the version string in the code you paste to 0.09 for now.

See Useful macros and User defined macros for lists of macros. So if there is a rep who can help please let me know and I'll get you my info. I made a few calls and passed your contact info on to the proper people.I have no access to the RF systems so I cant really do a ton personally.We are often asked if there is a Mac or Linux version of CSE HTML Validator available.We do not have native Mac, Linux, or Unix version but you can still run CSE HTML Validator using a method described below.

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