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Felice Urban Cafe, 12502 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, 216-791-0918: Another tip from Averbach: "East Side singles flirt over small plates and creative libations in this restored turn-of-the-century home." LGBT Happy Hours, facebook.com/thewh2 and g2h2.com: Gay and lesbian singles have two networking events specifically for them.

In the world of seed dating you can expect to get down and dirty with a partner within the first six minutes.

Area singles say once you get past college and clubbing age, this family-oriented town can be a difficult place to find a match.

The huge atrium is perfect for mingling, and the art and entertainers lend themselves to easy conversation openers. " Loop Coffee Shop, 2180 West 11th St., Cleveland: More than one person suggested this Tremont coffee shop/record store/gallery as a good place for singles, so there must be something happening here. " says Bruno Tatalovic, 46, a Cleveland actor, filmmaker and educator.

"A very, very large number of people who come to us just don't want to volunteer, but want to broaden their social circle," explains Clive Charlwood, executive director of One Brick.

"West Side singles flock to Mahall's for food, drinks, music and bowling," says Averbach of the trendy bowling alley with its classic lines and chicly restored bar that attracts a 20- and 30-something crowd.The time three of us rode on a motorcycle through the jungle in Nicaragua, wind blowing through our (very) un-helmeted hair; driving on a long sandy road toward a beachside hostel in Morocco with wild dogs running alongside and lunging at the tires; eating goat-head, homemade buttermilk, cow stomach, and who knows what in roadside joints.The lows were just as profound: some guys following me on an island in Panama because I had a bottle full of fermented fruit; kids on a moped in Palermo robbing us; spending days laid up in a grubby hotel room in Mexico, sweating, crawling to the bathroom, aching with loneliness.Fifteen minutes south of Canberra, on a 263-hectare property, a piercing whistle can be heard."Alright girls, rotate please," yells volunteer Carly Freeman from down a winding dirt track.Using the whistle, the volunteer helped dozens of people, aged between 20 and 65, take part in a tree planting speed date, otherwise officially known as the Landcare for Singles tree planting event.

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